Velho do Farol

Porque sim.

Velho do Farol

17 de abril de 2005

Clica aí, tio

(VHS or Beta)

Days we drive around
With Siamese rainin' down
And there's angels shooting stars

Cool summers pourin' down
Washin' green across the town
And we follow long its trail

We run around and trace the ground
Falling back to catch the lands
As they fumble through our hands

We feel alive in the move from Sundays
Singin' loud loud loud loud loud loud
Feel alive in the move from Sundays
We sing and shout, we sing and shout

It's rainin' hard like the years between us
Leavin' silent space around us
Formin' walls like they're meant to part
They're rainin' down, they're rainin' down

Dreams the lost are found
All the silent make a sound
And the timid free again
Lyin' here on the edge of sun
We slowly rest our eyes
In these nights there's moon and stars

And we shout shout shout shout shout
To cure the silence oh
And our loud loud loud loud times
Will carry on, and on and on

Days we drive around
We slowly turn the car
And there's angels shooting stars

por Marcus Pessoa, às 18:38 -

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